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Questions about Qula?

How do I make up a QULA? + -

For the QULA powder, mix your serving with 12 oz of cold still water, and don’t be surprised by the frothy head and nitro swirling - this is thanks to the rich fiber content from the real fruit we use to make the delicious flavor.

For the QULA tabs, drop your tab in 12 oz of cold sparkling water, the kombucha will take 7-10 mins to brew, and you will see light flecks of the SCOBY moving through the water. 

How do I store QULA? + -

Because QULA products contain active ingredients and live probiotics you need to store them in a cool dark place.

We protect the goodness from heat, and moisture in light-resistant packaging, but to be extra safe keep it out of direct light and heat.

Does QULA need to be kept in the fridge? + -

No, QULA is stable at room temperature. 

How often can I drink QULA? + -

We suggest a maximum of 3 drinks a day.

Can I drink QULA during pregnancy or when nursing? + -

It is generally accepted that women should not introduce anything new to their system during pregnancy. Therefore, we always advise consulting with your doctor.

More questions? + -

We’d love to answer them and hear from you! 

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