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What's in Qula?

Qula ingredients are all chosen with purpose and taste amazing. We carefully select the tastiest real fruit to accompany digestion healing, energy boosting, and antioxidant enriching ingredients for a plant-derived beverage you’ll want every day. In fact, drinking Qula daily will provide you with a healthy serving of probiotics, prebiotics, apple cider vinegar, and real fruit. Consider it an act of self care.
Probiotics + -

Naturally occurring from the custom
tea ferment, plus additional live Bacillus Coagulans.

Prebiotics + -

Enzymes derived from real fruit fiber that help feed probiotics naturally occurring in the stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar + -

Made from fermented apples rich in proteins, enzymes, and microbe-friendly bacteria. Proven to help aid digestion, weight loss, reduce blood sugar, and skin health.

Fermented Tea + -

Hand-picked leaves that are brewed in house for 7-10 days with a mother scoby, then extracted under a patented process to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients.

Real Fruit Powder + -

Custom blends made through a patented process that encapsulates the concentrated juice in the fruit’s fiber. AKA all of the flavor without being high in sugar.

Grape Seed Extract + -

Ingredient found in grape seeds and proven to help reduce inflammation.

Citric Acid + -

Naturally occurring compound found in lemons that helps with energy metabolism and absorption of minerals.

Resistant Maltodextrin + -

Plant fiber deriving from rice (also supports digestion health).

Erythritol + -

Naturally occurring, antioxidant-rich sweetener that improves blood vessel function.

Inulin + -

Starch found in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that’s often used in supplements.

Acacia Gum + -

Natural gum extract from several species of the Acacia tree that is used to bind ingredients together.

Fructo-oligosaccharides + -

Chains of plant sugars taken from asparagus, artichokes, and soybeans.

Sodium Bicarbonate + -

Salt (just like in your pantry).