About Us

Creatively - I’m thinking we have a photo of the team at an office/lab/kitchen (staged), I’d like to include Joaquin and Rooney but have them sitting at the table backs to the camera so they are mostly unrecognisable, also have artist doing painting or artwork, scientist mixing stuff up, and then Nathaniel and I are working but camera facing. General feeling is creative collabaration from a team of people from different industries.

Wanna make some magic

Copy to talk about Qula being founded by a creative bunch of outside of the box thinkers, thinkers who take creativity to the next level, challenge status quos, and push to get things right.

*Qula is the Alchemy that occurs when you bring an unconventional group of creative thinkers together. We all do this, everyday, as we weave through life . Sometimes as creative humans when we sit together together and ponder the “imagine if” …  Things Qula than you’d ever thought possible happen.


Photos or science, artists, box designers, all working together