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Introducing QULA's brand new loyalty program which offers exciting and exclusive rewards to say thank you to our amazing customers!

How to get started! + -

SIGN UP   - You get 20 points just to kick this off!

Earning points is easy and begins as soon as you create an account.

Create a free account by clicking here to start earning points!

Earn Points - It's super easy + -

Start earning points by:

Completing your profile: Just the usual details, but make sure you add your birthday (we give birthday treats, including bonus points). Make a purchase: earn 1 points for every $1 spent. 

Want more points for free? Yes! + -

Like us on Facebook: earn 10 points for liking and sharing us.

Share on Facebook: earn 10 points for liking and sharing us.

Follow us on Instagram: earn 10 points for liking and sharing us. 

Refer a friend: earn 100 points

Review a product : earn 10 points 

Get Rewarded - Points = $$$ + -

As you earn points by shopping, sharing and following, you'll be moving up our Loyalty Ladder towards better and greater rewards. 

50 points = $5 off 

100 points = $10 off 

150 points = $15 off 

How do I redeem my points for a reward? + -

You will see the points and the rewards you have available in the loyalty widget. Just click on the present on the right side of the website. Once you redeem your reward you will be given a code and instructions on how to use it.

NOTE: Once you have redeemed a reward you have 30 days to make good use of it - please don't let it expire!

Do my points expire? + -

Points expire after 1 year of your last purchase.

How do I cancel my account? + -

Please get in touch so we can unsubscribe you. 
Please note if you unsubscribe, any lost points cannot be applied if you sign up again at a later date.

If you have any questions or need to report an issue then please reach out by emailing

QULA Rewards Terms & Conditions + -

◉ Sale/discounted items are excluded from earning loyalty points.

◉ Code must be used within 30 days of claiming.

◉ If abused, customers' accounts may be deactivated by QULA.

◉ Customer profiles cannot be merged together. Points cannot be combined.